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Pink and Purple Twist 'n Write Pencils

The pencils are available in five colors: pink, purple, yellow, blue and black and are ordinarily priced $2.49 each (or less in packages.) Learn more...

We've got way too many pink and purple pencils!

Blue is the most popular Twist 'n Write color, closely followed by black. Hmmm, I wonder...

Several years ago, I called the manufacturer and suggested they drop pink and add green, but nothing came of it. So, we end up with a lot of pink and purple this time of year. Lucky you, if you or someone you know loves pink or purple! Packs of 8 pencils for $8.00.

Draw Write Now—Printing Changes

January 26, 2015
Are you thinking of getting the Draw Write Now, Boxed Set from us? For now, be aware that some of the books in the set will look a bit different. 6/15/2015 - NOTE: all books are from the same printer now.

We have a new publisher. Publishers have printing companies that they use and prefer, and our new publisher uses a different printer than our old publisher. The latest reprints of the books have a different look and feel. The quality is excellent, but trim sizes are slightly different and the paper feels a little different. It shows up in the spines, as seen in this photo. Books 2 and 6 are from the new printer. (See update below.)

NOW: All Same Printer!

As of 6/15/2015 the Draw Write Now, Boxed Sets we have in stock include:

  • New Printer—Books 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Old Printer— all books are from the new printer

Video: Draw & Write Together

Draw Write Now, Books 1-8  , lessons for drawing and writing with children.

Draw Write Now, Books 1-8, lessons for drawing and writing with children.


Draw and write with a child. We create drawing lessons and include writing practice—especially, handwriting practice. This is an introduction to Draw-Write-Now, our eight-book series.


A New Gripper - The Thumb Grip


We have a new gripper in our store, called The Pincher Grip...BUT, I dislike associating the word "pinch" when holding a pencil, so I'm choosing to call it The Thumb Grip. 

The Thumb Grip (my name) or The Pincher Grip (it's real name)

The Thumb Grip (my name) or The Pincher Grip (it's real name)

Grip Starter Set

Grip Starter Set

This gripper is similar to the Crossover Grip, but does not have the "hood". I think it does a good job of discouraging the crossing over of the thumb and is more accommodating for children with long fingernails. It just might replace the Crossover Grip, at least that's what I'm finding. The manufacturer sees it as a transition from the Crossover Grip  >  Pinch Grip  >  Pencil Grip. I believe that children can go from Pinch Grip (Thumb Grip) to no gripper.

Our popular Grip Starter Set now comes with a Thumb Grip. (We replaced the Crossover Grip with the Thumb Grip.)

The Crossover Grip

The Crossover Grip

PlayPack: Fine Motor Focus

Fine Motor Development, see CurriculumChoice.

Fine Motor Development, see CurriculumChoice.


Reviewed by Curriculum Choice

Betsy’s review at of PlayPack: Fine Motor Focus.

PlayPack: Fine Motor Focus

PlayPack: Fine Motor Focus

Regular activities such as cutting, drawing, finger paining, lego building, playing jacks, and play dough are all great activities to develop the finger muscles. But what do you do when your child balks when presented with small muscle play? Here are three more ideas to try, from PlayPack: Fine Motor Focus:

  1. Pizza Party
  2. Fun with Shapes
  3. Hand Art

Find PlayPacks in our store.
See Betsy’s full review and helpful tips at CurriculumChoice.