Draw a Swan, lesson from Draw-Write-NowTry a lesson! The swan is fun to draw.Hold the Pencil using the Tripod Grasp, Draw-Write-NowHow do you hold your pencil?Writing… it starts so simply!Draw a Whale, lesson from Draw-Write-NowKids love this lesson!

Handwriting Styles, Draw-Write-Now, drawyourworld.comWhy are there handwriting styles?

See the various styles.Draw a Tiger, lesson from Draw-Write-NowDraw the tiger!

Draw Write NowTiger by Elisa, Grade 2We begin with a drawing lesson. After the subject is drawn (e.g., a horse), the child completes the picture using their own creative ideas and techniques (e.g., adding spring grass and a plum tree)—they draw their world. Then, we write. Introduce letter formation and basic sentence structure, or focus on carefully practicing and developing handwriting skills. Our lessons are flexible; some use the drawing as a prompt to strengthen other language art skills, like composition, creative writing, grammar and speech. Draw Write Now Books, Children's Drawing LessonsSee our books!All the while,
learning about the world!
The lessons in Draw Write Now, Books 1-8 are grouped into themes (unit studies) which introduce history, science, social studies and geography. The themes are broad and appear simple, but are actually quite full and can spark an interest and further study. Have fun learning and practicing! 
Children learn to draw and write while learning about the world.

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