Draw Write Now, Book 5


Draw Write Now, Book 5


Learn about the United States and the fundamental principles for which it stands. Then, discover how the United States grew from 13 colonies to a nation that spans a continent and encompasses 50 states! Travel through time with American innovations.

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64 pages - 21 lessons - softcover - color throughout - 8-1/2" x 11"

Lessons in Book 5

The United States

Flag, We the People/Washington, United We Stand/Snake, Divided We Fall/Lincoln, Liberty/Statue of Liberty, Justice/Capitol, Justice For All/Rosa Parks

From Sea to Sea

New Nation/Mt. Vernon, The Frontier/Log Cabin, Louisiana Terr./Lewis and Clark, Texas/The Alamo, Oregon Territory/Fort on the Trail, The Southwest/Mining, Alaska and Hawaii/Map of US

Moving Forward

Waterways/Flatboat on the Ohio, Trails/Wagon on the Oregon Trail, Railroads/Transcontinental Rail, Roadways/Model T Car, Flight/Lindbergh’s Flight, Space Travel/Walking on the Moon, Cyberspace/Girl Using the Internet

Art Elements

At the end of each unit, several pages focus on a specific art element or principle. In Book 5 they are:

  • Basic human proportions
  • Drawing the bodies in motion
  • Basic facial proportions


Four short sentences (manuscript style) are shown for copy work. The writing practice should be adjusted to fit the child’s abilities and needs. In addition, any handwriting style may be practiced. The following is from a Book 5 lesson:

France sold land to the U.S.
Little was known about the land.
A group was sent to explore it.
Lewis and Clark led the group.