When I See a Child's Drawing

Those of us who knew Marie Hablitzel acknowledged her special way with children. It shone through in children’s artwork.

Hannah, age 8?

Hannah, age 8?

Drawing a picture together gave everyone a chance to begin the day with a success. A new student, a child who struggled with reading, or one who didn’t understand English could follow along with me. Everyone could draw and write the short sentences.
— Marie Hablitzel

A month after Marie passed away in February, 2007, and feeling the loss, I was going about my normal errands. Near the exit of my local grocery store, a wall was covered with cute children’s drawings of octopi. On my way out, I stopped to have a closer look and realized it was from the octopus lesson in Draw Write Now, Book 6. Seeing the drawings picked up my spirits and would have been enough for me, but when I got to the bank, there were colorful drawings of sunflowers in the foyer, a lesson from Draw Write Now, Book 3. Just a few blocks from the bank, the appliance store window was filled with drawings of the Gingerbread Boy, a lesson from Draw Write Now, Book 1. It was Youth Art Month and retailers in town made room to display children’s artwork. The bank clerk said the drawings were little angels all over town.

One of my brothers noted that the Draw Write Now series is a tribute to our mother’s many years in the classroom. I must add that when I see a child’s drawing, it’s a tribute to my mother and other teachers who put their heart and soul into helping children grow and learn. I am forever thankful that her lessons have been shared with so many children, parents and teachers.

—Kim Stitzer

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Posted by Kim Stitzer.