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Curious Drawings

We began working on Draw Write Now in 1992 when my children were four and six years-old. They were immersed in their grandmother’s drawing lessons, and I have to admit that I wondered if all the exposure to the lessons would limit their budding creativity. I got my answer with these two drawings:
Draw Write Now, Drawing Lessons, CuriousTyler, age 6, “Curious wants to be held by Mom.”I had the flu, and Tyler and I were the only ones home. Sick and not able to watch over him as usual, I heard him go outside and told myself he would return shortly. Just as I was getting worried, I heard him come inside and quietly amuse himself in the front room. A while later he came to my bedroom with this drawing and note. We had chickens, and his favorite rooster’s name was Curious. He had gone out to the pen to get a look at Curious so he could draw the picture.

Draw Write Now, Drawing Lessons, CuriousMichelle, age 8, “Curious”

Draw Write Now, Drawing Lessons, CuriousTyler holding Curious.Michelle loved Curious, too, and made this drawing by looking at the photo of Ty and Curious.

After making many, many Draw Write Now drawings of dogs, cows, boys, girls, horses and yes, chickens, they had the skills to look at a subject and draw what they saw. I’d say that’s an important skill for a creative child to possess!

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