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List of Draw-Write-Now Lessons

List of Draw Write Now lessonsSee: Write NowDonna emailed a nice note and a request:

I just love your Draw Write Now books! I have the 8-book Boxed Set and have been enjoying them every week with my 4 and 5 year olds. I am trying to incorporate the lessons with my social studies/history plans; it is working wonderfully!

My question: is there a full list of the drawings in all 8 books?  I am finding myself, for example, hoping there is an owl and needing to search the TOC of all 8 books to find what I need. I just thought there might be a pdf list somewhere with all subjects from all 8 books.


Yes, Donna!  We added a complete list of the Draw Write Now lessons to the site.
Click here.


Another option is to use the search box near the top left corner of this website. For example, insert “owl” in the search box and the result shown is “Draw Write Now, Book 2.”

search for Draw Write Now lessons

…and Donna’s response:

This is just perfect! My lesson planning for
the next few years has just been simplified!
Cannot thank you enough.



Turtle Watermelon

Get the recipe from the National Watermelon Promotion Board website,

It’s summer! Have a turtle party!
Draw the turtle, then bring on the watermelon!

Watermelon Carving recipe: National Watermelon Promotion Board website

Turtle Drawing Lesson: Draw Write Now, Book 6, page 34

Table of Contents from Draw Write Now, Book 6. The Turtle Lesson is on page 34.

Turtle by Hannah, age 5


PlayPack: Fine Motor Focus

PlayPacks: Fine Motor Focus


 PlayPacks are available in our store.


Betsy at reviewed PlayPack: Fine Motor Focus.  See the full review.

Here is just a bit of Betsy’s review…

Click on the image above to see the full review at CurriculumChoice.


Find PlayPacks in our store ….. See Betsy’s full review and her helpful tips at CurriculumChoice.
PlayPacks: Fine Motor FocusThe Curriculum Choice Review of PlayPacks


Think Like an Editor

The role of editor is explained in this new CommonCraft video. Many websites operate without an editor, so it’s important for each of us to…Think Like an Editor

Thoughts from author on editing—Draw-Write-Now, Book 6—Draw Your WorldDraw-Write-Now, Book 6As an author, I appreciate the guidance of a good editor. Children ask me how I feel when my editor asks me to change something or questions my work. I let them know: 

  • The editor’s comments might nudge me in a new creative direction.
  • Sometimes the editor notices something I haven’t. Even when I have put a lot of effort into my work, I sometimes overlook a simple error.
  • Getting the editor’s opinion gives me an understanding of other people’s standards and actually strengthens my own standards.

I encourage children to think of their teachers as editors. A good, objective editor (or teacher) helps us improve.


Win a $50 e-Gift Card

Grace-Filled Homeschooling

Grace-Filled Homeschooling

Visit Melissa’s site, Grace-Filled Homeschooling!
See her review and sign up for a chance to win a
$50 e-Gift Card
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Rose, 7 years-old, Grace-Filled Homeschooling

Grace-Filled Homeschooling

Melissa and her girls, Rose and Beth, were recently introduced to the Draw Write Now lessons. They had fun! Hear how they enjoyed the drawing together, tried out pencil grips, and neatly worked on their writing.

I loved Melissa’s comment that 5 year-old Beth “…was incredibly focused on neatness and proportion of her letters for the first time.” I hear that from parents a lot.

Okay! Don’t forget to sign up for the Giveaway. Good luck to each of you on winning the $50 e-Gift Card! 


Spanish! The Tripod Grip

Hold the Pencil in the Tripod Grip: DrawYourWorldHold the Pencil in the Tripod GripKathy Pedroza teaches Spanish at a dual-language program and translated our “Tripod Grip” illustration.

“This has been so helpful, especially in my Spanish dual-immersion class.”

She shows it to her students’ parents, includes it with a letter chart in her kindergarten homework envelope, and refers to it during her 1st-quarter progress report.

For more information on developing the tripod grasp, see Hold the Pencil and the Hold the Pencil Pamphlet.

Hold the Pencil in the Tripod Grip: DrawYourWorldHold the Pencil in the Tripod Grip - Spanish translation


Handwriting and Self-Assessment

Handwriting practice improves with assessment. drawyourworld.comSelf-Assessment of handwriting work. montessoritidbits.comSee for Leann’s tips on Improving Handwriting with Draw Write Now.

Leann presents the lessons in three parts in her homeschool:

The Warm-up—review notes from the prior day and work on letters needing help.
Drawing and Writing—30 minutes of drawing and writing.
Self-Assessment—look over the writing and noting the best work and the things that can be improved.

In the classroom, the warm-up and assessment process is just as important. Handwriting improves when the teacher checks over the students’ drawings and writing, noting issues and adjusting the next day’s lesson.

My mom, Marie Hablitzel, had over 30 students in her classes, making it difficult for one-on-one time for self-assessments. The assessments were made, though—she carefully reviewed each of her students’ drawing and writing papers after class and adjusted the next day’s lesson or found time to work with students needing individual attention.

Assessment is a huge part of improving handwriting. 

Handwriting practice improves with assessment. drawyourworld.comHandwriting and drawing using Draw Write Now.


Art Appreciation

I love to look at artwork from my parents’ generation. I suppose this small picture is from the 1940’s or possibly earlier. My sister, Anne, bought it at a garage sale years ago and she’s had it hanging in her house since then. I love it—hand-drawn, hand-lettered, such a beautiful style.

DrawYourWorld, Proverbs 3: 5-6 Trust in the Lord