Draw Write Now, Book 6


Draw Write Now, Book 6

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Cover of Book 6

Draw Write Now, Book 6

64 pages - 21 lessons - softcover - color throughout

Lessons in Book 6

Compare the land homes of the speedy jackrabbit and of the sturdy mountain goat. Then, splash with frogs in freshwater wetlands. Next, explore creatures in saltwater environments from shoreline to the oceans’ dark depths.

On Land (land)

Land Homes/Robin (bird), Woodlands/chipmunk, Grasslands/Monarch Butterfly, Shrub Lands/Jackrabbit, Dry Lands/Lizard, Mountains/Mountain Goat, Lowlands/Crocodile

Ponds and Rivers (freshwater)

Water Homes/Beaver, Shallow Water/Frog, Deep Water/Fish, Flowing Water/Turtle, Stream to River to Ocean/Salmon, Ocean to River to Stream/Ee

Oceans (saltwater)

Ocean Homes/Sponges, Muddy Tidelands/Great Blue Heron, Sandy Tidelands/Hermit Crab, Rocky Tidelands/Sea Star, Shelves/Shark, Outer Shelves/Octopus, Sunlit Open Water/Dolphin, Deep Open Ocean/Angler Fish

At the end of each unit, several pages focus on a specific art element or principle. In Book 6 they are:

  • The horizon line on land
  • The line under water
  • The artist’s position affects the line