Draw Write Now, Book 4


Draw Write Now, Book 4

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Cover of Book 4

64 pages - 21 lessons - softcover - color throughout

Lessons in Book 4

Compare and contrast the Polar Regions, then explore each in depth. Study the Arctic, “The Land of the Midnight Sun”, while drawing polar bears, musk oxen and more. Then, look at Earth’s most unusual continent, Antarctica, its unique animals and its scientists.

The Polar Regions

The Arctic and Antarctic, Auroras, Icebergs, Ocean Migration, Air Migration, Animals That Stay, People

The Arctic

Map of the Arctic, Polar Bear, Walrus, Arctic People, Arctic Homes, Arctic Tundra, Muskox, Wolf, Reindeer

The Antarctic

Map of the Antarctic, Emperor Penguin, Krill, Icebreaker, Scientist

At the end of each unit, several pages focus on a specific art element or principle. In Book 4 they are:

  • Coloring stroke
  • Outlining
  • Using color to show dimension and feeling