Which books are cursive?

Draw Write Now, Boxed Set

Draw Write Now, Boxed Set

None—the sentences in all eight Draw Write Now books are shown in printing. HOWEVER...many parents and teachers use the lessons to teach cursive and other handwriting styles. See Drawing and Writing Together to effortlessly customize the lessons. (When creating the books, we had to choose one handwriting style to demonstrate.)

Parents and teachers use Draw Write Now to teach a handwriting style—cursive, Italic, printing, by modeling how the letters are formed. While practicing, the child simply transposes the short sentences to the selected handwriting style.

It isn’t difficult to show a child how to form letters—the challenge is motivating the child to practice carefully and regularly. The sentences shown in the Draw Write Now books relate to the subject drawn and are short and simple, allowing the child to focus on handwriting.

What is the recommended age range?

Draw Write Now was created for the primary grades, ages five to nine. The lessons are used in preschools, multi-age classes, homeschools and upper elementary classes. Four year-olds and 12 year-olds enjoy doing the lessons together.

Are they workbooks?

The Draw Write Now Workbook

The Draw Write Now Workbook

No, Draw Write Now books are NOT workbooks. The Draw Write Now series becomes a part of your home or classroom library, to be used many times. Children draw and write on their own paper or can use the Draw Write Now Workbook, which is a blank book.

Can we start with Book 3?

The Draw Write Now books are numbered 1 through 8, but may be used in any order. The numbers—Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, etc.—do NOT relate to grade level. We tend to recommend starting with Draw Write Now, Book 1, regardless of a child's age, because it has the easiest lessons. Keep in mind, though, that it is fine to start in any of the books, for two reasons: 1.) a particular book topic may be of interest to the child/family or a teacher may add it to one of their unit studies, or 2.) the child is already confident with their drawing and writing skills.

Marie, who created the lessons, was a second grade school teacher and the books loosely follow her school year—Book 1 in September, Book 2 in October, Book 3 in November, etc. The skills of her class improved throughout the school year, so you will notice that the books are progressively more challenging. Keep in mind that there are challenging and easy lessons in each of the books—Marie noted that sometimes you need a challenge and other days you need to take it easy.

I'm giving a gift...

If you aren't sure which book to select as a gift, we suggest:

If you still aren't sure, get all eight in the Draw Write Now Boxed Set.