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Twist Write

The Twist ‘n Write pencil is a wishbone-shaped mechanical pencil sized for children. With little effort, it positions the fingers in the tripod grasp. To hold, the index finger goes through the wishbone with the pad of the index finger resting on the top of the pencil. The thumb and tall finger naturally fall into the tripod position.

Refill Leads for the Twist ‘n Write PencilEach order we ship includes Hold the Pencil—a pamphlet with quick instructions and tips for developing good pencil skills.

  • Sized for a child
  • The #2 lead is thick (2 mm)
  • Twisting the tip of the pencil advances the lead
  • Erasers are on the outside edges of the wishbone
Refill Leads for Twist ‘n Write
$1.89 for package of 5 leads or
$1.59 ea. for 12 or more packages
Try the Twist ‘n Write Pencil when
— an older child is having a hard time changing to the tripod grasp
— the child bends their hand toward their body (hook)
— the child applies too much pressure.

Refilling the Twist ‘n Write Pencils
A small piece of lead may remain inside the pencil. If so, use the wire “refill plunger” that comes with the refills to clear the lead channel. Insert the plunger into the tiny hole at the base of the “U” shape of the pencil (where the index finger rests.) The remaining old lead will be pushed out the point of the pencil.

Load the new lead into the point of the pencil. To seat the lead into the pencil, firmly push the pencil and lead on a hard surface.

It’s easy to refill the pencils, but the first time you may be concerned that you are pushing too hard on the lead. Keep in mind that there is a groove inside the pencil which holds the lead in place — you may feel the lead “pop” into the groove. That groove is tight when the pencil is new, so it will require a good amount of pressure.

Once the lead is in place, rotate the point to retract the lead into the pencil.
Twist ‘n Write Pencil
$2.49 each
$2.00 each for 20 or more
assorted colors
pink purple yellow-green
blue black
PLEASE NOTE: When ordering 10 or more pencils, it is much easier for us to fulfill if you accept assorted colors.

Twist ‘n Write PencilPenAgain

Silver Ergo-Sof, black ink with 2 refills
$4.99 each

PenAgain is similar to the Twist ‘n Write, except it is sized for an adult hand. The pen is refillable and comes with two extra ink refills.
Retractable, with a Pocket Clip.

CANADIAN CUSTOMERS—We can not ship these pens and pencils to Canada due to a distribution agreement with the manufacturer.

Try the PenAgain if a child needs to write with a pen. This pen is helpful for adults who want to change their grip or for those with hand health issues—the natural weight of the hand give enough downward force to apply ink to paper.