StartWrite 6 Handwriting Software


StartWrite 6 Handwriting Software

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StartWrite Handwriting Software helps teachers and parents create custom handwriting exercises. Unlike other handwriting fonts or programs on the market, StartWrite’s cursive or linked letters join automatically. Simply type your word or sentence, hit the return key for blank lines, and it’s ready to print!

The StartWrite program includes a large number of handwriting styles, from Modern Manuscript to Italic. Most school styles are included.

  • Parents—easily customize your handwriting exercises to uniquely fit each child in your family.
  • Teachers—create practice sheets that fit the various skill levels within your classroom.

Does the child work at the computer?

No! The child writes on paper with a pencil. The teacher or parent creates the practice sheet on the computer, then prints it out for the child’s writing exercise.

Is StartWrite a set of fonts that I can use with another program, like Word?

No, StartWrite is a stand-alone program—that’s what makes it so easy to use. StartWrite’s cursive or linked letters join automatically, unlike other handwriting programs or fonts. With the click of a button, you can change from printing to cursive, from small to large, dashed to solid, double-lined to single-line.

What operating systems?

PC: Windows95/98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/Windows7

Will there be a Version 6.0 for Mac?

Version 6.0 for Mac is in the works, but has been for quite a long time.

Does StartWrite come with lessons?

Yes, basic lessons, but the beauty of the software is it makes it so easy to integrate handwriting practice into your curriculum or daily routine. Quickly create practice papers on topics that relate to children’s lives and interests, like the child’s name, a field trip to the zoo, or a short paragraph describing one of their drawings. Combine handwriting practice with the memorization of a weekly quote or verse. If the child needs to relearn the formation of some of their letters (a, d, and g are letters that often need help), their sheet can focus on those letters.

Can I add pictures?

Yes, the program comes with nice clip art, or you can add your own art; jpg or gif images are easily imported.