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Handwriting and drawing improve as fine motor and gross motor skills develop. What works best to build those skills? PLAYTIME!

PlayPacks have a wealth of practical ideas and fun activities to inspire and guide you as you work with the child. The back of each card has easy to follow directions and tips, while the front of the card has clear illustrations and fun titles to entice children’s participation. Both packs include information on correct posture and give guidance for adjusting the games. The balanced, thorough content was created with an occupational therapist whose specialty is working with children with special needs.

PlayPack: Fine Motor Focus (blue cards)
$8.99 each

PlayPack: Fine Motor Focus focuses on manipulating objects with the fingers and hands. (Think of stringing beads, pinching, cutting.) Each card shows a fun activity to help develop fine motor skills. Fun for all. See Betsy’s tips and ideas at CurriculumChoice.

PlayPack: Gross Motor Focus (green cards)
$8.99 each

PlayPack: Gross Motor Focus develops large muscle movements. (Think of the movements needed for throwing, running, jumping.) Each card includes a fun activity that helps children get up and move! Developed for children of all abilities.

  • For developmental ages 3 to 12+
  • 15 skill-based game cards and 6 information cards
  • Size: 4-1/8” x 6-7/8”, rigid cardstock
  • Games for one child or a group of children
  • Activities focus on motor skills, while strengthening other important skills
  • Activities for children of all needs and abilities