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The Jumbo Grip Pencil is a nice pencil that looks and feels special. Here’s why we like it:

  • Childrens PencilsThe pencil has a triangular-shaped barrel. Sometimes, all it takes for a child to establish the tripod grasp is to hand them a three-sided pencil or crayon.
  • The barrel is thick. The thickness of this pencil is comfortable. It’s like a fat “primary pencil”, but not quite as bulky due to the triangular shape.
  • The pencil feels good. It is lightweight and has raised, gripping dots in the holding area.
  • The #2 lead is slightly thicker than a standard pencil, putting down a thicker line.
  • Made by Faber-Castell.
Soft-Lead Pencil

Children's PencilsChildren's PencilsOur Soft-Lead Pencil is an artists’ sketching pencil (6B). This pencil can help a child lighten their grip. Some children bear down on their pencil with a tight hand, primarily because they want and need to see a darker line on their paper. Rather than letting this become a habit, give the child a Soft-Lead Pencil so that they can make a dark line with less pressure. (Equivalent to a #1 lead.)

Use the Soft-Lead Pencil when

  • The child’s hand is tight while writing or drawing (check for white knuckles)
  • The child makes heavy, dark lines
  • The child’s pencil tends to engrave the table top
  • The child traces over their lines to get a darker look
Jumbo Grip Pencil

Childrens Pencils

“My favorite is the silver pencil!” — Keith, age 11

Use the Jumbo Grip Pencil when

  • A little help is needed to keep the fingers in the tripod position
  • The child prefers the feel of this pencil size

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