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Other Grips & Pencils  (click on images)

Grippers are training tools that help position the fingers correctly on the pencil. There are a variety of styles of grippers.

The Pencil GripTHE PENCIL GRIP helps place the fingers in the correct position and supports the index finger.

The Pencil Grip, Crossover Grip and the Jumbo Grip, were designed by an educational therapist. The grippers have indentations for each of the three fingers to rest in, helping to keep the fingers from slipping out of the correct position while learning the tripod grasp. Crossover GripCROSSOVER GRIP has an additional “hood” to prevent the thumb from crossing over the top of the pencil and index finger.

The unique thing about these grippers is they offer support to the index finger. Prior to the creation of The Pencil Grip, therapists sometimes gave children a pencil with a small gripper and a wadded paper towel taped above the gripper to give support to the index finger and open up the hand a bit. These grippers provide the support that the therapists were wanting.Jumbo Pencil GripJUMBO GRIP supports the index finger up to the second knuckle.


  • Can stretch a bit to fit larger items like paint brushes or fork
  • Made to fit Left and Right Hand
  • Soft, comfortable material
  • washable, durable
  • Latex Free, FDA Approved

All orders are shipped with Hold the Pencil—a pamphlet with quick instructions and tips for developing good pencil skills. Also, see our lessons section: Hold the Pencil.

Select The Pencil Grip when
—the child needs help positioning the fingers and is hyper-extending the index finger.
Select the Crossover Grip when
—the child crosses their thumb over the top of the pencil and their index finger.
Select the Jumbo Grip when
—the child holds the pencil with a flattened index finger. Older children and adults may prefer this size.
The Pencil Grip
assorted colors
blue red light blue silver
pink purple yellow green
glitter red glitter silver
glitter yellow glitter green
Crossover Grip
assorted colors
blue red light blue silver
purple yellow green
neon red neon yellow neon blue
neon orange neon green
Jumbo Grip
assorted colors
red pink purple silver
orange yellow dark blue
indigo blue green
Pencil Grip, colorsAll three styles of grips are available in an assortment of colors. Below: neon colors and glitter blue.