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Thumb Grip

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Also named "Pinch Grip"

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Grippers are training tools that help position the fingers correctly on the pencil. There are a variety of styles of grippers.

The Thumb Grip has indentations for each of the three fingers to rest in and a ridge to keep the thumb from crossing over the top of the pencil.

A newly designed gripper, the manufacturer named this "The Pinch Grip", but I prefer to call it "The Thumb Grip".

Like the other grips in the Pencil Grip family, it offers support to the index finger. Prior to the creation of The Pencil Grip, which this is based on, therapists sometimes gave children a pencil with a small gripper and a wadded paper towel taped above the gripper to give support to the index finger and open up the hand a bit. This gripper provide the support that the therapists were wanting.

All orders are shipped with Hold the Pencil—a pamphlet with quick instructions and tips for developing good pencil skills.

Select The Thumb Grip when

the child crosses their thumb over the top of the pencil. This may be used instead of the Crossover Grip.