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Draw Write Now, Book 1Book 1 Draw Write Now, Book 2Book 2 Draw Write Now, Book 3Book 3 Draw Write Now, Book 4Book 4 Draw Write Now, Book 5Book 5 Draw Write Now, Book 6Book 6 Draw Write Now, Book 7Book 7 Draw Write Now, Book 8Book 8 Draw Write Now Boxed SetBoxed Set

See each of the books.  (click on images)
by Marie Hablitzel & Kim Stitzer
  • Soft-cover, 8.5” x 11”
  • Each book: 64 pages, 21 lessons
  • Draw Write Now, 8-book series - So fun!The eight-book Draw Write Now series has step-by-step drawing instruction and short sentences for writing practice. Each book is a complete unit study for exploring history, geography, natural science, and social studies. The lessons are flexible and easy enough for children to use independently or as a fun Draw Write Now aligns with Common Core State Standardsfamily activity. See how the program aligns with the Common Core State Standards — it can easily fit into your curriculum. Draw Write Now has received numerous awards for its value in the home as well as in the classroom.

    Swan and Heron Lessons (pdf, 373k) with a list of the books.

    Customize Handwriting Practice!We highly recommend StartWrite Handwriting Software. It works nicely with the Draw Write Now series, and can be used with any of your handwriting lessons.
    We loved Startwrite the first time we used it and found that it was an easy way to reproduce the sentences in Draw Write Now in a large variety of handwriting styles and sizes. The flexibility and ease of use has made it the perfect tool for parents and teachers wanting to encourage effective handwriting practice.

    • Draw Write Now Table of Contents

      Teachers’ Choice
      Learning Magazine, judged by PreK - 6 teachers. (1999)
    • Award of Excellence, Art & Music
      Education Clearinghouse Magazine, Art and Music category. (2002)
    • Real Life Award, Best Product
      LifeWorks Magazine, Best Product category. (2002).
    • Excellence in Education Award
      The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Honorable Mention. (2002)
    • Readers’ Choice Awards
      Practical Homeschooling Magazine. (Multiple years)
    • Top 18 Products
      NSSEA Ed Expo, school supply store owners. (2001)

    Retailers: Please contact our publisher, Barker Creek.

    Boxed Set

    by Marie Hablitzel & Kim Stitzer
    $63.79 each
    Books 1 though 8 in a beautiful, sturdy slipcase. A great addition to the home or classroom library!
    • Sturdy slipcase, 8.75” x 11.5”
    • Eight books

    Draw Write Now Boxed Set

    Sample LessonsLessons are displayed on our home page.

    “I was feeling smug before reviewing Draw Write Now. After all, I’m a professional graphic artist and illustrator. If anybody can teach someone to draw it’s me…Right? I’d been fairly successful teaching my 4-1/2 year old daughter to draw and she was doing quite well. Boy was I humbled when I saw the drawings Maranda did while we reviewed Draw Write Now. Before, she may have used lines (stick figures) to create the wings on a bird. Now she is able to see the wings as a shape and use lines to add details. Any art school teacher will stress the importance of being able to break down a painting, design or drawing into a series of shapes—Marie and Kim have perfected this lesson.” — David James, reviewer


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are the books available in cursive writing?

    The handwriting practice sentences in Draw Write Now are shown only in the manuscript style. However, the lessons may be used with any style—the child or teacher simply transposes the letters to the selected handwriting style. StartWrite Handwriting Software works well for transposing the sentences for practice sheets. Keep in mind, it isn’t difficult to show a child how to form letters—the challenge is motivating them to practice carefully and regularly. The sentences shown in the books relate to the subject drawn and are short and simple allowing the child to focus on developing their handwriting skills.

    Which book should my seven year-old start in?

    Get Draw Write Now, Book 1 for a child who is six years-old or younger and any child who is unsure of their drawing skills. We like to see most children start in Book 1. Get Draw Write Now, Book 6 for a child who already enjoys drawing or is nine years-old or older. Get 1 and 6, if you are unsure! Both books are appealing and popular. Even better, get all eight in the Draw Write Now Boxed Set.

    What is the recommended age range?

    Draw Write Now was created for the primary grades, ages five to nine. The lessons are used in preschools, multi-age classes, homeschools and upper elementary classes. Four year-olds and 12 year-olds enjoy doing the lessons together.

    Can we start with Book 4?

    The Draw Write Now books are numbered 1 through 8, but may be used in any order. The numbers—Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, etc.—do NOT relate to grade level. Draw Write Now, Book 1 has the easiest lessons. If a child is confident with their drawing skills, they can start in any of the books.

    Are the books consumable?

    Draw Write Now books are NOT workbooks. The Draw Write Now series becomes a part of your home or classroom library, to be used many times. Children draw and write on their own paper or may draw and write in the Draw Write Now Workbooks, which are blank books.