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Book 8: Animals of the World Savanna Animals (tropical grasslands)

Draw Write Now, Drawing Books for ChildrenGiraffe, Hippopotamus, Zebra, Lion, African Elephant, Cheetah, Hyena, Ostrich, Rhinoceros, Map of Africa

Grassland Animals (temperate grasslands)

Horse, Anteater, Armadillo, Prairie Dog, Pronghorn, Map of N. and S. America

Mountain and Desert Animals

Map of Europe and Asia, Yak, Golden Eagle, Llama, Camel, Thorny Lizard, Map of Australia

Art Elements and Principles

At the end of each unit, several pages focus on a specific art element or principle. In Book 8 they are:

  • Draw a map of Africa
  • Draw a map of Australia
  • Draw a map of Europe and Asia
  • Draw a map of North and South America
  • Antarctica map drawing is in Book 4

Sample LessonsLessons are displayed on our home page.

Draw Write Now
Swan and Heron Lessons (pdf, 373k) with a list of the books.

Sample Sentences

Four short sentences (manuscript style) are shown for copy work. The writing practice should be adjusted to fit the child’s abilities and needs. In addition, any handwriting style may be practiced The following is from a Book 8 lesson:

Anteaters have long tongues.
They use them to catch ants.
Anteaters live on the pampas.
The pampas is a grassland.

Draw Write Now, Book 8
by Marie Hablitzel & Kim Stitzer
$10.19 each
Animals of the World: Grassland and Desert Animals
Visit Africa and Asia and study life on tropical grasslands, the Savannas. Next, circle the globe and draw temperate grassland animals, like the anteater of South America and the pronghorn of North America. Then, study the mountains and deserts of the world. Learn to draw the continents, too!
Drawing Books for Children Draw Write Now, Books 1-8
  • 64 pages, printed on quality paper
  • Soft-cover, 8.5” x 11”
  • 21 lessons in each book

“I am a homeschooler and mom of an autistic child. My son has absolutely loved the Draw Write Now books…It has been such a blessing for us this school year! We plan to keep the set, because it’s not like other homeschool materials.. .once you are done with them, you may not keep them.. this is something he can go back and read through and draw again, for fun and enjoyment. — Tabitha, parent