Practical Drafting


Practical Drafting


Practical Drafting uses the same method of instruction as the Complete-A-Sketch series—learning by observing, reasoning and doing. All the lessons may be done by hand or on the computer.

Ages 12 and older, 136 pages, spiral bound

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Practical Drafting
by Melvin G. Peterman

The author, Mel Peterman, is proficient in manual and computer drafting and has years of experience in architecture, piping, electrical and machinery drafting. He noticed over the span of his career that the people who lacked manual drafting experience were missing a depth of understanding. He felt the emphasis on computer skills had taken away some of the feel and style that comes with manual drafting. As the father of young children, he wanted to help his own children embrace the “art” of technical drawing.

“I strongly recommend that students do the lessons by hand using tools of the trade. After becoming comfortable with manual drafting, they can complete the lessons on the computer using CAD software.”
—Mel Peterman

Drafting lessons for young children created by a father who shared his drafting skills with his children. 
Mel Peterman is proficient in manual and computer drafting.