Complete-a-Sketch, Advanced


Complete-a-Sketch, Advanced


Complete-A-Sketch Advanced bridges the gap between the beginner Complete-A-Sketch lessons and Practical Drafting. It introduces advanced sketching methods, drafting concepts, orthographic, isometric, multi-view drawings, engineering concepts and more.

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Complete-A-Sketch Advanced CD
by Mel Peterman, Ian Peterman, Clay Peterman
$23.50 each

Complete-A-Sketch Advanced CD

  • 37 sketch projects
  • 8 3-D paper model projects
  • 25 bonus projects
  • over 100 files to explore related to CAD
  • links to websites focusing on sketching, 3D modeling, CAD and more

Some projects require the use of simple drafting related tools: straight edge, French curve or flexible curve. 

Lessons by Mel Peterman, Ian Peterman and Clay Peterman.