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New Site Design

Welcome to the new! Besides the new look, the site has:

  • registration for setting up an account
  • this blog to share information and hear from you
  • a gallery to showcase the children’s artwork and writing
  • easier navigation
  • … and room to grow!

The site was created on Squarespace. It was just right! I was able to design and implement the site on my own with only basic HTML/CSS experience and no knowledge of Java. Many hurdles were conquered thanks to the Squarespace forum and by Chris Coyier. Gratitude also goes to my shopping cart guy, Mark at We’ve been with them since 2006 and rely on their excellent customer service.

We’ll be working out the bugs over the next several weeks, then will focus on getting the videos in place. Thank you for your patience!
—Kim Stitzer

PREVIOUS Site Design

NEW Site Design

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