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Marie's Story

Draw Each Morning

Marie Hablitzel started her teaching career in 1942. She saw how her students (and she!) responded to regular drawing instruction. Eventually, she created a lesson for each school day.

2nd Grade Teacher

She taught primary grades at Gerber Elementary in California for most of her career. Budgets were tight, so Marie used whatever paper was available.


She and my father raised six children. Their daughter, Julie, teaches at the school where Marie taught. 


After retirement in 1982, She volunteered at Community Christian School in Red Bluff, California and gave a lesson each week over the next twelve years.

Inspiration for the Draw-Write-Now Books

We lived a long distance from Marie, so in 1991 she mailed drawings and notes to my five year-old daughter. One day, after straightening the letters and realizing the stack of papers looked like a book, I called and said, “Mom, I have an idea!”

Getting Published

A family friend, Carolyn Hurst, worked in publishing. In 1994, her company, Barker Creek, released the first Draw Write Now book. Marie and I promoted the books at conferences and conventions. This one was so fun—the Dairyville Orchard Festival—an annual festival in Marie’s community. Maryanne, Marie’s granddaughter and my niece, helped us.

Marie’s Work Continues

Marie enjoyed three-mile walks up until a few weeks before her death in 2007 at the age of 86. I was blessed to have the opportunity to work with her and am honored to continue her work.
~ Kim Stitzer

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