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Look at Handwriting: Writing Size

Beautiful handwriting by Melissa, age 7:

Handwriting Practice Papers
CLICK TO ENLARGE. Draw Write Now, Book 8: Horse Lesson, p.32

Melissa obviously has good guidance. To continue developing her skill, I recommend two simple changes:

Change the Guideline Paper
Melissa’s paper has 5/8 inch guidelines. I’d like to see her use the next size down—paper with 1/2 inch guidelines. At the bottom of the paper, she wrote her name and age using consistent letter sizes—she knows how to use guidelines—but, many of the letters in her first four sentences drop below the mid-line or float above the base-line. I think that handwriting practice has become a bit tedious for Melissa. She has developed good control and is able to write smaller. A practice paper with smaller guidelines would match her current skills, and her practice-time would once again be … (dare I say?) … fun!

Change the Letter d
I’d like to see Melissa change the way she makes the letter d. She is starting the letter from the top line. I would advise her to make it like her letter a. Read more on letter formation…

Letter dStarting at the mid-line, make the letter c shape, swing up to the top line, then down to the base line. (Like the letter a, with a taller straight line.)

Regularly look over handwriting practice sheets. Handwriting practice is about memorization and developing habits—we want letter formation to become rote and words to flow on the paper. Catch the errors before they become habits! Keep practice time fun!

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