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Finger Exercise

Free Shipping!
On orders over $25
(shipping to US addresses)
The holidays are here along with free shipping on orders over $25.00. This special is good ‘til December 31, 2012.

Free Toy!
A little something…

When you place an order within the next few days, add a wind-up toy to your shopping cart. Sorry, no promises… if we still have them, we’ll add one to your package.
Limit: one free toy per order. 

The toys are approximately 2 inches tall. Wind them up and watch them flip!

Give children activities that stimulate hand-eye coordination and strengthen the muscles of the hand—stringing beads, rolling clay or twisting the stem of a wind up toy.

Handwriting and drawing improve as fine motor and gross motor skills develop. What works best to build those skills? PLAYTIME!

No longer available
$3.29 each FREE!
Quantities are limited—if the animal you prefer is unavailable, we will substitute with another:
rabbit tiger
kangaroo frog

Fine Motor SkillsFlipping Monkey


Free Cute Pins!
At your local JCP

JCPenny has a promotion going on this holiday season for prizes and savings…but that’s not what I’m excited about… it’s their button pins! So cute! Go to the store to get the free cute pins at any register.

There are 50 button designs, each one-inch in diameter.

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