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About Us: Kim Stitzer

My mother and I published our first book 17 years ago. Looking back, neither of us had aspirations to become authors, but that’s what we ended up doing. It simply fell into place.

Our publisher had this photograph taken of us in 1994 for use in the Draw Write Now books. Just so it’s on record, Marie didn’t like the photo!

I loved being my children’s first teacher. I helped them learn to read, cook and write their names. But, when they asked me to show them how to draw a dog or a car, I fumbled or felt that I needed to prepare an art lesson so that I could “do it correctly”. Since I was short on time, the art books I bought were rarely used. My mother had drawn with me when I was a child, plus she was a school teacher, so I asked for her help. She mailed letters to us with simple drawing instructions. These letters were the inspiration for the Draw Write Now books. See Marie’s Story.

I am not a school teacher or a homeschool parent—my early work experience was in business and my children attended public schools. When I signed on as Marie’s coauthor, she was the experienced educator/artist and I was her assistant. She was the wise grandmother helping me deal with a three year-old child’s tantrums. Ever supportive, she shared what she knew, boosted my confidence and even claimed that she learned a few things from me.

Now, as I approach my 55th birthday, it’s nice to look back and see that I’ve grown and to know that my experience and knowledge helps other parents, teachers and homeschool parents. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with my mother and pass along her insight and techniques.

Kim Stitzer is coauthor of the Draw Write Now series and creator of the Draw Your World website. See also:

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