Draw Write Now—Printing Changes

January 26, 2015
Are you thinking of getting the Draw Write Now, Boxed Set from us? For now, be aware that some of the books in the set will look a bit different. 6/15/2015 - NOTE: all books are from the same printer now.

We have a new publisher. Publishers have printing companies that they use and prefer, and our new publisher uses a different printer than our old publisher. The latest reprints of the books have a different look and feel. The quality is excellent, but trim sizes are slightly different and the paper feels a little different. It shows up in the spines, as seen in this photo. Books 2 and 6 are from the new printer. (See update below.)


As of 6/15/2015 the Draw Write Now, Boxed Sets we have in stock include:

  • New Printer—Books 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Old Printer— all books are from the new printer

Writing Hurts My Hand

Rachel, three years-old, holding the crayon using the tripod grasp. www.drawyourworld.com - Draw Write Now lesson

Does your child complain of a sore or tired hand while writing? 

I received a nice letter from Erica yesterday. A while back, she'd studied our Writing/Handwriting pages and bought some of the recommended pencils and grips for her son who is in 2nd Grade. Back then, she was concerned, because the boy was saying he hated school. After some discussion, he mentioned that his hand hurt from writing so much. Helping him change his grasp and giving him a different pencil made a huge difference and his attitude towards school dramatically improved.

Rachel, in the photo, is three years-old and developed the tripod grasp naturally on her own. See how she holds her crayon? Beautiful! Not all three year-olds can hold their pencil this way.

At three, a child's fine and gross motor skills are still developing and many children don't have the control  for holding a crayon or pencil in the tripod grasp. Let them draw and don't fret about their grasp—their fine and gross motor skills will develop. Generally, I like to start working with the child on the tripod grasp when they are five or around the time they want to start writing their name.

Erica's seven year-old son is a bright boy and probably had a pencil in hand at a young age, but unlike Rachel, he didn't transition into the tripod grasp. At three years-old, the way he held a pencil served him well, but proved to be a hindrance at the age of seven. 

What helped Erica's son was changing to a soft-lead pencil with a gripper and a little instruction and encouragement from Mom.

Video: Draw & Write Together

Draw Write Now, Books 1-8, lessons for drawing and writing with children.

Draw Write Now, Books 1-8, lessons for drawing and writing with children.


Draw and write with a child. We create drawing lessons and include writing practice—especially, handwriting practice. This is an introduction to Draw-Write-Now, our eight-book series.


Video: Hold the Pencil



The way you hold a pencil can be a huge help when drawing or writing. This is a demonstration on how to hold a pencil.

  • Learn the benefits of holding the pencil in the tripod grasp or grip.
  • Become aware that the base of your hand steadies the tripod as you draw or write.